Chris Perez 

(Born 1990, Canada)



Solo Exhibitions


Rice Cooker, Otto Space, Toronto

Selected Group Exhibitions


Age of Aquarius, Slice of Life,Vancouver


Escape, Black Cat Showroom,Toronto


SCOPEMIAMI, Miami, United States

HeyY’All, OnlyOneGallery, Toronto


Salon,Project Gallery, Toronto


Summer SixteenGroup Show, Project Gallery Studios, Toronto

LuminousFlux IV, Greenbelt Gallery, Toronto

NewBeginnings, Northern Contemporary, Toronto


ConstructedChaos, Fleet Wood, San Francisco

Why the @#&! Do You Paint?: Thick& Juicy, The Gladstone,Toronto

MNFSTOCommon Ground, Super WonderGallery, Toronto

Dirty Soap, Project GalleryStudios, Toronto

Fresh Paint: Nuit Blanche, FreshPaint Gallery, Montreal


The Salon of Inclusiveness, BlackCat Gallery, Toronto

Let There be Art Five, TheatreSaint Catherine, Montreal

Project Art, 99 Sudbury, Toronto

Maybe Memories, YellowhouseGallery, Toronto

Optic Elixir, Project Gallery,Toronto

City Love, Hashtag Gallery,Toronto

Coalition, Greenbelt Gallery,Toronto

Poetic Poverty, CreaturesCreating Gallery, Toronto


Young Collectors Exhibit, ProjectGallery, Toronto

The Biggest Little Art Show inthe City, Hashtag Gallery, Toronto

Twisted Art Exhibit, ProjectGallery, Toronto

Ethereal Beings: An AlternativePerception, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto


Experiencing Perspectives,Mercedes-Benz Financial, Mississauga

New Biology Two, Moore Gallery,Toronto

Two Oh Five the Forgotten, TheGladstone, Toronto

No End: The Other DRPT Grad Show,Creatures Creating, Toronto

OCADU Grad Ex, OCADU, Toronto

Paint Rocks, OCADU, Toronto

As Soon as Possible Art Show, Theatrix,Toronto


Optic Elixir, Red Line Café,Toronto

Curated Shows

2018 Coalition II, DCP, Toronto

2015 Dirty Soap, Project GalleryStudios, Toronto

2015 Fresh Paint: Nuit Blanche,Fresh Paint Gallery, Montreal

2014 Coalition, GreenbeltGallery, Toronto

Selected Commissioned Projects

2020 Robson Street Barriers, Vancouver Mural Festival, Vancouver

2020 Bud King, Edmonton

2020 Three Amigos, Edmonton

2020 Make Art While Apart, Vancouver

2019 TorontoTransit Commission (TTC) “Streetcar named Toronto”, Toronto

2019 Malones, Vancouver

2019 The Cambie, Vancouver

2018 Bloor Fitness, Toronto

2018 Yes You Can Spray, Lisbon

2018 Hostel ONE, Madrid

2018 Dona Rosa, Barcelona

2018 Concrete Barrier Program, StreetARToronto, Toronto

2018 Outsidethe Box Program, StreetARToronto, Toronto

2018 Apiecalypse Pizza, Toronto

2017 Crossfit Leviathan, Toronto

2017 Beaus Brewery, Vankleek Hill, Ontario

2017 EQWorks, Toronto

2017 TourRadar, Toronto

2016 Side Street, Toronto

2016 Broncos, Toronto

2015 Loose Moose, Toronto

2015 TubeMogul Headquarters, SanFrancisco

2015 TIFF presented by Grolsch,Toronto

2015 Saved Ground Picture andPost, Toronto

2015 Nuit Blanche, FreshpaintGallery, Montreal

2014 The Social Garden HUB,Toronto

2013 Nuit Blanche CommunityMural, 707 Market, Toronto

2012 Blackout Festival, The IceFactory, Toronto

Selected Live Paintings

2019 SNAG, The American,Vancouver

2017 Art Battle 488, The GreatHall, Toronto

2016 Jansport at York University,Toronto

2016 Art Battle Holiday, TheGreat Hall, Toronto

2016 Art Battle Leap Year, TheGreat Hall, Toronto

2015 Pan AM CondomTO, Yonge andDundas Square, Toronto

2014 Art Battle 200, The GreatHall, Toronto

2014 Nuit Blanche Paint Night,Studio Bar, Toronto

2014 CIBC Pan Am Art Battle,Toronto City Hall, Toronto

2014 Art Battle 93, Theatre forthe Arts, Markham

2013 Paint the Halls, WomansCollege Hospital, Toronto

2013 Art Battle 42, The GreatHall, Toronto

2012 The UniBrow Bash: A FridaKahlo Jam, May Bar, Toronto

Workshops and Community

2020 King George Station “CommonUnity” Youth Mural, Surrey

2020 Shape Shifter Studios: Hip Hop- Intro to Style, Vancouver

2019 Vancouver Mural Fest:Elements of Hip Hop, Vancouver

2019 Art Studios, Vancouver

2017 Kapisanan PhilippineCommunity Centre, Toronto

2015 Precita Eyes, MissionDistrict, San Francisco

2008 Manifesto Art Workshop, CityHall, Toronto

Awards and Honors

2020 Civic Distinction Award for Beautification & Enhancement: COMMON UNITY Mural, Surrey

2016 Semi-Finalist Toronto, Bombay Sapphire Artisan Project, Toronto


Project Gallery

Hashtag Gallery

Halton StreetcarMuseum

Heaps Estrin Real Estate

Private Collectionsin Canada, USA, and UK

Press and Media

2018 The Marilyn Denis Show: TheArt of Banksy

2014 HTC: The Pursuit ofBrilliance

2014 Artist Chris Perez inHangloose Studio 3

2012 Mercedes-Benz FinancialExperiencing Perspectives Catalogue

2012 Sharpie Remix Commercial,Much Music Canada

“Bubbles nd Lightening”

“The colourful streetcar named Toronto is city’s favourite commute”

“A Day in the Life” with Toronto Artist Chris Perez

“A Streetcar Named Toronto”

“Toronto is sending offits old streetcars in style”

Professional Affiliations

City of Toronto,Calgary, Richmond BC


PATCH project



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